Sunday, December 13, 2020
Third Sunday of Advent

This coming Sunday we light three candles on the Advent wreath. While our society goes crazy with Christmas preparations and the northern hemisphere grows darker each day, we gather to wait for God to bring us into peace and light. In the gospel reading, John the Baptist calls us to make a pathway for Christ. The poem from Isaiah likens us to a bride or bridegroom dressing for our wedding day.

Resume Sunday Service

Prince of Peace will resume Sunday Service 13 December at 10:30 a.m. Council believes this can be done safely provided we continue to comply with social distancing and masking requirements now in effect. Following the service, an overview will be provided on how the council sees us going forward over the next several months.

There will be no Christmas Eve service at Prince of Peace for reasons that will be explained Sunday. This is a tough decision, but necessary.

Please don’t forget that Prince of Peace operating expenses continue even though Sunday services have been canceled the past couple of weeks. Every offering helps us continue our ministry.

See you all this Sunday at 10:30, the Third Sunday of Advent.

Bob Mangold

Sunday, December 13, 2020
Worship Time: 9:00 AM

The St. John Church Council is pleased to announce the return to in-person worship will be this coming Sunday, December 13, 2020, at 9:00 AM. We will continue to follow all safety and health guidelines, wearing masks and social distancing. Weekly, Sunday in-person worship will continue until further notice. This return to in-person, includes Christmas Eve Candlelight and Holy Communion, December 24, 2020, at 6:00 PM.

Lynn Bickford, President
St. John Church Council

Poinsettia Due

Just a reminder that poinsettia orders are due THIS Sunday (December 13)!!

Prince of Peace

The Giving Tree project is done! As you all know we donated money in place of real gifts because of the coronavirus problems. We were a very generous group. We collected $1150 and purchased 23 $50 restricted Walmart Gift cards. The cards have been delivered to Margie Petrunia who puts this together each Christmas season. Many thanks to Margie and all of you for your passionate caring for local children!

Lenten Devotional

There has been one major event in all our lives this last year that will never be erased from our memories. Covid 19! That one thing has caused a multitude of stresses to everyone. As we come closer and closer to the end of it, we may find reflection to be beneficial. What good, if any, did you recognize among its effects? Has this or another event brought you closer to God? Has your faith increased or diminished? Expressing the good, the bad, or the ugly is always a healthy thing for one’s mental status.

Contributing to the Lenten Devotional can bring meaningful rewards to the writer and to the reader. Sharing your own and other people’s joys and sorrows can be very enlightening. Because of an early Ash Wednesday (February 17th), contributions need to be submitted by January 31st. Submit your story to Carol Cleal. If you would like assistance in writing, contact Cindy Orth or Carole Wiley

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